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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Thank you all for your sweet and fun comments about the vintage stove. It turned out that it was sold to someone else. It would have been nice if I was just told that to begin with, but we set up a time to go see/buy it and then got an email that the roomate had sold it to someone else. I was really bummed, but at the same time I did not have a totally solid positive feeling about buying it right now, although I knew it would not be for sale for long so might miss it if I didn't buy it. I prayed that I would make a right decision since the car needs weatherstripping and I really only have the money for one or the other now. I really do believe that mantaining what I have is more important than getting "new" things. That is good stewardship, and being responsible, but not always fun. My stove is holding out ok although it likes to burn things in the oven, often mysteriously, but it works and I can wait for the right time to buy a vintage stove, as long as I don't torture myself by checking craigslist for any great ones between now and then. ;-)

So now I get to be excited about weather stripping! Woo hoo! Ok it's feeling a little bit forced, but really that gets me that much closer to driving the car I like so much. No more foggy windows is a big plus there, after the moisture issue is fixed there will still be a few things that need done but I don't think they are going to be too complicated or expensive. Buying weather stripping is a commitment to keep the car though, Actually my last old car I bought the weather stripping and then we had a lot of problems with it and sold it for parts and I still have the weather stripping in my laundry room. Too bad it won't fit the DeSoto... I have posted it on craigslist a few times and one person offered me less than half what I paid, I probably should have taken it, I guess there aren't that many people who drive a 64 Ford Falcon Sedan these days. So I'm reconsidering selling on Ebay, I used to sell stuff on there a bit, mostly vintage clothes. But am a little more than disenamoured with the whole process of selling there, still I'm thinking about it.

My friend the Paisley Penguin got a new engine yesterday, it's quite lovely, I know cause Mr B helped her Hubs pick it up. We laugh a lot about how we used to want and expect fancy gifts and stuff that was in some way extravagant or at least impractical. However now we can truly be excited adnhappy to get something we need, like weather stripping or a new engine for your car. For my birthday this year I am asking for the electrical to be finished in the addition on our house. A few months ago I was hoping for the addition to be completed, but I have "awakened" since then and now just want to have something significant finished. The electrical is over half done now so it seems like it should be able to be finished by then. I hope I hope!!!!

I think the change in expectations has been good for me and certainly good for the budget, but I sort of miss the carefree spending of my pre-mommy days, at the same time I wish I had saved more of that money, or at least appreciated being able to spend it more than I remember.
I realize this is sort of a rambley post and a bit odd, I hope not too much so though.

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Mrs Boats said...

It sure is amazing isn't it? When what used to be 'important' somehow seems less so and when you find that you could infact want a vacuum for your birthday, LOL!!