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Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage stove

OK so right now I should be breathing into a paper sack. I'm about to hyperventilate because I just saw the most beautiful vintage stove on Craigslist, and I WANT it!!!!! I emailed the poster nearly an hour ago and they have not emailed me back yet. Oh I know it's not even an hour yet..... but I love the stove!! I hope it's not some sort of crime to copy the photo of said stove but here it is, isn't it glorious???? I know if this one doesn't work out for me there will be a different one, but oooooo it's sooooo pretty!!!!! It might actually be a good thing if I don't hear back as I will be forced to choose between the stove and the weatherstripping for the car. Oh choices can be so overwhelming!!!!!

today's project - locate weatherstripping

Today I am searching for weatherstripping. I think it'll solve some of my most irritating promlems, dampness and mold. Yep today I went out to check on the DeSoto and guess what? There is mold growing in the back window and on the seats.
I am so sad... it will come off the seats and the original cardboard in the back window needed replaced with something else anyway, but I feel like everything around here gets moldy, and it seems particularly bad when it's my beloved car. This was my answer to the big family, big car. No mini-van for me, I can haul way more stuff in the trunk of this car than I could fit in a mini-van anyway. Unfortunately we have had a few problems with the car this last year so I have not been driving it, I miss it though and can hardly wait to get it back on the road. Well, it seems I will be able to get weatherstripping for it, last time I looked I had no luck, but today I found 2 places online that have what I need. Now I just need Mr. B to help me figure out what exactly is leaking and if I need to replace all of it or just the doors and side windows. I hope I don't have to do the windsheild and rear window as those are of course the most expensive and not for the DIY gal to undertake.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scanning for bargans for scanning

Oh I am so pleased!!! I have been wanting a scanner for a few years. We were going to buy one for Christmas but the funds were just not there. I really believe that things are, or will be, out there for me at the perfect time and in the perfect circumstances, or at least tolerable circumstances ;-). So I was waiting for my scanner. Yesterday I found it, waiting for me, for just $7.99 at the Goodwill. It's an all-in-one and so far the scanner part works great. I don't know for sure if it prints well yet, since it's out of ink. I did get it to feed paper through so at least I know it *might* work. Really all I needed is the scanner anyway, but it would be nice to have 1 machine to do it all. I have been hesitant to buy used printers etc. because I didn't know if they would work with my operating system. Well, I noticed the date stamped into the plastic, It's a bit cryptic but if you notice several circles with numbers and little tiny arrows pointing to some of the numbers that is the date. Not all computer stuff has that, but if it does it can be helpful in determining what may work for you. So based on when it was made I thought it would probably work and WOO-HOO it did! I am going to have such fun scanning things.... I have a small collection of vintage cards that I will be scanning. Here's one you can copy & paste to use for (personal)crafting if you like. I still have to learn about making things downloadable.

Vintage signs

I love all things vintage so it is no surprise that I LOVE to see shops around town that have been here since the 40's or 50's. It's even better if they have kept their original signage. It really makes me happy to see a vintage sign with the neon working. There are a few really wonderful ones that I see at least once a week and some more that are scattered around town. Sadly many have been recently replaced or the buildings torn down or remodeled. Today as I was out running errands I stopped to snap a couple photos of some of the ones along my route. These are my favorites. I might do another post with more later.
Yes that is a giant shovel and rake, about 30+ feel tall. This shop has the coolest building too, very 50's ranch style with huge windows and a low-pitch roof that lends to the long low feeling of of the building. Besides that it's painted a lovely shade of turquoise. When we finish the addition to our house and get to move to other projects I hope to buy some flagstone or something similar for my yard from them. It's silly but I love this business for being here a long time and having an awesome sign, and I haven't even shopped there yet.
Several years ago they took the totem sign and had it fully restored, I think it was very worth while. As I was snapping this photo I realized that I have never eaten there. I think that is really strange but it's probably because I used to be a vegetarian and didn't eat at many restaurants in general. Anyway I have added it to the list of places to try when I get a chance. I wonder what the inside of the restaurant looks like, I wish I could go there tonight just to find out, and of course it has nothing to do with my not wanting to cook dinner. :-)

This sign is one that I hope gets restored and not replaced, the other side is actually less weathered and nicer, but harder for me to get a decent photo of. I took my wedding dress here to have it cleaned. They did an AWESOME Job and only charged me half what everyone else would have charged. They ROCK!

So that is a little tour of some of the neat vintage signs in my town. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you have some neat ones in your town too.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal Friday - Because Frugal is the new Black.

Frugal Friday - I grew up in a home with no extra money and often not enough for the very basics. I'm not complaining, but I remember breaking the ice in the toilet in the morning, using the outhouse when the well went dry and eating beans 2 meals a day. Ya, it sucked to open a butter-tub of beans at school for lunch. But I have survived and as an adult have had some times with and without enough money. There are things I have always done to save money, it seems people are currently focused on "being Frugal" since the economy is on everyones minds. So I was thinking that maybe some of the things I do to be frugal are not actually common knowledge. I plan to share some of the ways I have managed with less than what I wanted or thought I needed.

This is a pretty obvious one but of the many things I have done to save money my favorite is to thrift shop, granted there are so many cool things to find that often I have wondered if I actually save money. Or do I just drag home more "treasures" than I would be able to afford if I shopped at regualr stores? The thing I like most is probably vintage finds but some new things I find are great too. It helps to know brands, so you don't shell out your precious dollars on some walmart clothes that might have been cheaper new than they are at the thrift store, besides being poor quality. Having an idea of what is good quality and poor quality will make your thrifting so much more worthwhile. Some things you would get excited about may not be worth it. For example Kirkland brand Cashmere sweaters, although soft and warm they pill up terribly after a wearing or two, so if you know that, you can decide if the price really is right. It would be a mistake to think that thrift shopping will always save money. Clothes for Miss 3 are best found at Target, the ones at the thrift store are usually stained or worn out, although there are some great exceptions to that in her closet.

I have noticed a considerable change in thrift store shopping since last fall. I've still found some great stuff, but it seems that the awesome finds are fewer and farther between. The Goodwill has been packed with people, especially on Mondays and the tag color of the day can hardly be found. Besides they have raised the prices on many things considerably. I have found though, that if I go to the next town the prices are better. Then too there have been some great managers specials at our Goodwill, yesterdays was stuffed animals 10 for a dollar. We found some groovy girls for Miss 3 and Miss 8 and a family of big gorillas for our homeschool co-op classroom. I threw them straight into the washer and dryer when we got home and they all came out just fine, even the groovy girls hair still looks good (I have a frontloading washer and dried them on cool).

Every thrift store I have been to lately has raised their prices. In fact my very favorite "junk store" (a gloriously crowded mess of junk and some really cool old stuff) has receintly doubled their prices on a lot of the stuff. So with the new prices and more people finding an enthusiasm for thrift shopping I feel the competition and I don't like it. I have noticed that I can still find cool vintage things and it seems that those of us who have always hunted for vintage stuff still do, but the new thrifters are looking for NEW things so maybe the greatest treasures are still safe from the masses.

I have some awesome vintage finds that I plan to post about in the near future, as well as some newer items that I have altered so that they work better.

So Thrifting is my FAVORITE, next time I'll tell you about another frugal idea I've been using for years.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winners Announced!!!!!!!!

Hello all!
I am announcing the winners to my giveaway for One World One Heart. I have 2 prizes for my giveaway. I have used the random number generator and counted down the list of comments to find the winners. These gals have been emailed and have till Feb 21st to respond.

SOOOO HERE IT GOES!!!!!!!!!The first prize goes to Brigit of Swapping Howdies, the second one goes to goes to Monica Kelly of Monicas craft. Both these gals have beautiful blogs and if you get a chance to check them out please do!

I would like to extend a special thanks to all the people who left kind comments and visited my blog during this fun event! I have had such fun vistiting blogs. Although I did not make it to all 911 of them I do hope to get back to the list and continue checking out all the neat things to be found. I especially want to thank Lisa for putting this together and making it a fun event for all! Thank you to everyone and have a very happy Valentines day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Additional drawing for OWOH

Hello I am adding an additional prize for the OWOH event, please see previous post to learn more about it.
So I decided that by this point most of the people who have entered my drawing have want of and use for a hair flower so I will add another flower since we are well past 100 entries.
These 2 photos are the same flower, but from different angles. This one is meant to be worn pretty much anyplace in the hair, could go on the side or if you have an up-do next to that or if you are just dressing up a ponytail would work for that too.

It has the same kind of clip that is used on the other post, They are my favorite and hold on nice and tightly. I will now be drawing 2 names from the comments, one to receive this hair flower and one to receive the one on my original OWOH post. Miss 8 wants to make something for a bonus prize so we'll see if we can make time for that as well. Bless you all for taking the time to check out my giveaway and hopefully you'll make it back to check out my blog later on as well.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One World One Heart


Hello everyone welcome to my "One World one Heart" Post. If you want to learn more about One World One Heart click the logo above, it's a really neat project organized by Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian. Also if you click the Icon above you can check out the 900+ blogs that are involved and see a ton of cool artwork.

I'm having a drawing of my own. To enter you just need to leave me a comment on this post with a way to email you in case you are the winner. Contest ends on Feb 12th and I'll take entries till Noon Pacific time that day. The winner will be announced and emailed the evening of Feb 12th. One entry per person.

And here's the prize.

Technically it's a hair clip, I made it to go across above a pony tail, but being creative people you just might have another use for it. You could of course wear it in your hair, or would you attach it to the top of a gift for a friend... or clip it to something else to bring a bit of spring into your day.

Here's the clip side.

If I get more than 100 entries I'll add another prize so check back to see. Also please check out my blog, some of the January entries show things I have made.

Please see my new post about the additional prize in my giveaway, however leave your comments on THIS POST only please. Comments are officially closed at this time!