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Friday, February 27, 2009

today's project - locate weatherstripping

Today I am searching for weatherstripping. I think it'll solve some of my most irritating promlems, dampness and mold. Yep today I went out to check on the DeSoto and guess what? There is mold growing in the back window and on the seats.
I am so sad... it will come off the seats and the original cardboard in the back window needed replaced with something else anyway, but I feel like everything around here gets moldy, and it seems particularly bad when it's my beloved car. This was my answer to the big family, big car. No mini-van for me, I can haul way more stuff in the trunk of this car than I could fit in a mini-van anyway. Unfortunately we have had a few problems with the car this last year so I have not been driving it, I miss it though and can hardly wait to get it back on the road. Well, it seems I will be able to get weatherstripping for it, last time I looked I had no luck, but today I found 2 places online that have what I need. Now I just need Mr. B to help me figure out what exactly is leaking and if I need to replace all of it or just the doors and side windows. I hope I don't have to do the windsheild and rear window as those are of course the most expensive and not for the DIY gal to undertake.


Roland Hulme said...

Oh, my God! I LOVE your car! Paisley Penguin put me onto it, since I just wrote an ode to a famous DeSoto on my blog.

Your car is BEAUTIFUL and that moldy smell is just part of the appeal of an old car (my MG smelt damp all year round.)

mre30seattle said...

Hmmm. I have a photo of me salivating over this car during a camping trip. :)