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Monday, February 9, 2009

Additional drawing for OWOH

Hello I am adding an additional prize for the OWOH event, please see previous post to learn more about it.
So I decided that by this point most of the people who have entered my drawing have want of and use for a hair flower so I will add another flower since we are well past 100 entries.
These 2 photos are the same flower, but from different angles. This one is meant to be worn pretty much anyplace in the hair, could go on the side or if you have an up-do next to that or if you are just dressing up a ponytail would work for that too.

It has the same kind of clip that is used on the other post, They are my favorite and hold on nice and tightly. I will now be drawing 2 names from the comments, one to receive this hair flower and one to receive the one on my original OWOH post. Miss 8 wants to make something for a bonus prize so we'll see if we can make time for that as well. Bless you all for taking the time to check out my giveaway and hopefully you'll make it back to check out my blog later on as well.


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