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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The "Little House in the Big Woods"

To see the family & furniture check out my Ingalls Family post

It all started with a seemingly innocent trip to the craft store.

I spotted this little "bird" house and the wheels started turning. Before long I pictured it nestled deep in the "Big Woods" or standing alone on "the Prarie" a cute little house, waiting to be lived in by the brave and adventurous Ingalls family. My girls LOVE the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I read them all when I was growing up. SO it seemed like the perfect project for a Christmas surprise.
Here's how made the House and Family, up late at night working in the kitchen in the quiet.

There is a seam on the end wall equal with the top of the front wall where it is glued and has some brads running through.

To break that I put a putty knife in gave it a light tap with a hammer and pried the pieces apart, then pulled the brads out with pliers.

I used a hacksaw to cut the log out of the bottom of the door, then chipped away the remaining glue with the putty knife. No I'm not known for insisting that the tool be the "correct" one for the job, if it works and my use doesn't damage it then I figure we're fine.

The tall people were a tiny bit too tall for the doorway so I ended up having to go out to the garage and sand the bottoms of them with a belt sander, finally they would fit through the door.

Then came the fun part.

I mixed regular acrylic paint with water to make a stain and brushed it onto the cabin with a sponge brush, then wiped it off with a paper towel.

I ended up doing several layers to get the color depth that I wanted.

I did the same with the roof and interior but used different colors for each. Painted the chimney a few times before I got what I wanted.

When I had finished the house it was Perfect!


Lovey said...

Love the house and family! Really nice! Lovey

sweetdaisydreams said...

love this little house sooooo much and Little house on the Prarrie was my most fav show growing from Glenda

Doda said...

That is absolutely adorable! I recently bought some wooden figures to paint, but they are all the same size. I might just have to order some others. I am a HUGE fan of the Little House books! LOVE IT!!!

Steph said...

I love this. It's really fun. I am enjoying looking around your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine on your magic carpet ride.

Anonymous said...

How darling is this log cabin! I am a stay at home mom too. Isn't it wonderful. Love my only daughter to pieces and couldn't do it any other way. So excited to meet you on this Magic Carpet Ride. Love you sweet sentiment too. Blessings pretty girl...Eden

Betzie said...

This house turned out so so you did that!