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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, I finally opened my Etsy Vintage Clothing shop!  I've got some fun things listed and I'm really excited to post some awesome things I have in storage too, including a few Designer pieces. SOON the house will be finished and I will be able to get to all my goodies, AND I'll be able to MAKE things to sell!! I really can hardly wait!  This house project has been a long long project, I will be so glad to finish up and have space to do what I want.

Here are some teasers and samples of things that should be up within a week.

Giraffes on a Sunday Walk Lamp.

Beaded purse

 Cotton Candy Jackie O Jacket

Sheer Slip Nightie, lace over chiffon

 Scary clown shirt

Mocha party dress

Boucle suit in Sea colors

Brown Crepe Party Dress

Teal Wool Coat

Red Wool Coat with Mink Collar

Hooded Velvet Evening Coat - Dreamy~

Lovely Hood Makes a Dramatic Collar!!

So there's your sneak peak, some are actually up right now, so check it out and come back later for the others. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find that special piece.

I'll be keeping you all posted about the progress on the house as well. Our goal is to be finished by Christmas! I am so psyched to move in and I'm picking colors and pouring over ideas via. Pintrest.  
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