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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Solitude

Every Sunday morning  I sneak away for a few hours of ALONE time.   I escape to go hunting, treasure hunting!!!  I have one thrift shop in particular that is my Sunday stop, a Junk store in the best possible way,  I drag home something amazing just about every time.  Today was no different.

I've been buying sweaters to make sweater-coats a la Katwise for Miss 11 and Miss 6, so whenever I get the chance, I snap up sweaters that will work. I think I might have almost enough sweaters to make them now. When I make them I'll be sure to show and tell all about it.  Today was pretty slim picking on the sweater front, being December and all, but I did pick up 2 good ones so not a bad Sweater day.

Then I found the Treasure of the day!  My Friend "E" has been looking for a sewing machine and had asked me for advice, I of course thought VINTAGE is BEST and told her so.  Since then I've been on the lookout for a nice vintage machine for her. Today I spotted it from across the room, I bee-lined over to the lovely turquoise plastic case with small black letters spelling out S I N G E R across the lower edge.  Ohhhhh this was going to be good!!!! I hoped.  The latches were quickly undone and once I had it opened I was NOT disappointed.  LOVELY, Lovely, lovely......  Turquoise vintage sewing machine, so dreamy, I was ever so slightly tempted to hoard all it's loveliness to my self.  Knowing better than to do that I got on the phone to see if "E" had a machine yet, she didn't, and truthfully I'd have bought it even if she did, cause you know, it was just too lovely to pass up, someone I know would need it, Right???

I talked to the Gal at the Thrift store, She is super nice, and she told me she was the one who accepted the donation and that she had the story to go with the machine.  Can you believe that??? An awesome machine and it's History to boot?  Ok, so here's the story, it's sort but sweet.  "This woman was around 60 and had received the machine as a gift from her parents when she graduated High School.  She had gotten it brand new and had sewed many things on it and said it worked like a dream."

The machine is a Singer 347 Style-Mate.  It does Straight stitch, Zig-zag, and Blind Hem stitch.  It even has the original manual, it sews so nicely and I oiled it up and checked inside, there was no lint so I'm pretty sure it was serviced recently or at least since last time it was used.  It's in excellent condition  and needs only a few tiny things to make it LIKE NEW.   The Buttonhole attachment was there too, in it's original box with all the little cams and even the Styrofoam inserts to hold everything still.  What a find!!!!  

Hope you all had a great weekend and a relaxing Sunday as well.


julietk said...

I love a good thrift shop find :-D
very pretty machine.

iamprecious ♡ said...

hi! i just found your blog,new follower :))