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Friday, January 30, 2009

A while ago....

I know it's from a while back but I wanted to share what my girls wore for Halloween last October. I ran across the photos today and thought they'd be fun to share. I made their costumes. The blue dress I actually made several years ago and let out the seams so it still fits her. It is supposed to look like Felicity's dress (ca.1774)from the American Girl movie.The mermaid costume was made from at shirt in a sort of peach color, and pink and green fabrics that were thrifted for under $2. So it was really cost effective although not warm. I also ended up making a mermaid cape from pink fur from the stash and some of the green satin, It is reversible. It was cute and warm and she went to 2 houses and was done with trick or treating. But halloween for us isn't really about trick-or-treats or any of the traditional stuff it's alllll about the costumes.

Also I was thinking that here on the blog it looks like I only make things out of felted sweaters, but that is not the case at all. Felted sweaters are actually new territory for me as the 2 projects I have posted are the only ones I have done that were "real." I made a pair of kilt hose for a play, but they were really only legwarmers and nothing to make a big deal about for sure. I really love to sew and I soooo wish I had the time and ability to focus on a sewing project right now, Baby B has been taking very short naps and I haven't had time to get all the required things done and leave any time for sewing, so SOON I hope to be back to sewing and when I do get to, it I'll be sure to post about it. :-)


Dawn said...

Fantastic costumes, well done you for making them.. I love your porch too!!!

pinkglitterfae said...

Those costumes are brilliant! I especially love the blue one. And how wonderful to make the mermaid costume so inexpensively!
So your daughter lasted 2 houses, lol! I agree, it is all about cool costumes.