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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I finally made it to Trophy Cupcakes!!! It's in Wallingford center on 45th (Seattle). There are the cutest little tables and chairs and the cutest blue polkadot tablecloths with scallopped edges. Miss 8 just about lost her mind and was so giddy she could hardly choose but finally choose the chocolate chip mint. Miss 3 loved it too and had to have the triple chocolate cupcake. The place is beyond adorable in the best possible way. the service was very good and the cupcakes were "the yummiest I have ever had" according to miss 8. Both girls were hoping to work there when they are old enough, until Miss 8 decided she would have her own cupcake shop. She has spent today thinking of names for her shop. I had planned to take a photo but alas my rechargable camera batteries were dead, darn you rechargable batteries!!!! So follow the link to see the wonderful Trophy Cupcakes. You can also get a Trophy recipe and see a video of Trophy's owner Jennifer Shea making Smores cupcakes on the Martha Stewart website. I haven't made the smores cupcakes yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds so delicious! I can't imagine a shop just devoted to cupcakes. Must smell like heaven in there!