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Friday, January 23, 2009


Speeches: it seems that we are in a time of great and eloquent speeches. When words have once again regained the power to defy the apparent devastation that is looming overhead. Those who know their power and have mastery over them have the opportunity to rise to new levels. Hope and Change, and most of all a Saviour, that is what America cries for. They are being answered with great words and powerful phrases. I only hope the true spirit of those words will come through and be made real. I hope that what looks to me like a carefully orchestrated play will break out of the theatre of politics and be the true and honest reality that America is craving, or that I hope America is craving. I do wonder though how America will treat a human it has set up as a Saviour, how can one rise to expectations like that?

It brings a new realization to me on the power of words, and the responsibility and weight that is upon those who so skillfully wield them.

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Mrs Boats said...

That was very well written and echoes (much more poetically) some of my own thoughts on the subject.